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5+ Quick And Easy Ways To Heal Your Mind With Rap Music... Even If Your Upbringing Traumatized You!


Did you know the average lifespan of rappers is dropping? To 30 years old sources like suggest.

Here is the problem you face: you have become used too hearing very negative lyrics in rap songs that push murder, drug abuse and other dysfunctions that spread destruction.

Which means you will struggle with being safe and struggle with your health and struggle with being yourself, never living  up to your higher-self's full potential, possibly dying before your time due to those influences. 

Fortunately for you, there's now a solution, let me introduce you to a very unique, clever and original rap album unlike everything else available.



✅This lo-fi album promotes easy blood flow, so you can heal when this album is played, which means you will reduce your blood pressure if stressed, you will feel better. 

✅This album does not project a toxic influence, so you can wait off all dysfunction with it, which means you don't have to worry about your family, your friends or your kids picking up behavior that could land them in jail or could kill them! 

✅This album can be a good listen right before and during work, so you can have something different and relaxing to think about at work, which means you won’t have fear of making mistakes or being too tense, inner peace creates concentration, which creates flow, which makes time fly! 

✅This album, use it to rekindle the flame, so you can bring back the vibe you once gave off, which means you will give off that wave when you first meet your wife, she will fall in love with you again!

✅This album is not planting seeds of destruction amongst youth and jits (kids), instead just sauce, unadulterated truth and new ideas for progressive thinkers who want more out of life!

✅With this album, you can expect to attract others, which means you will get questions and might potentially make real friends, like-minded friends! Something we all long for! 

I'm Travis Yahuw, a life long alternative music fan and an independent recording artist/producer from South Carolina.

But Don't just take my word for it. Listen to these words - most rappers push a fantasy of the fast life, when unveiled leads to a fast death, financially, economically, spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally, in reality it’s STRAIGHT CAP 🧢!! For some reason,  you can't find many statistics out there on rap music, why is that?


*Seven-song album 

*Delivered via email, arrives instantly upon DL click as WAV and MP3 files in a folder.

*Now 50% OFF ($7.77)

P.S. The price of this gem will eventually change to original price of $15.54. Buy it now and save on this offer, take action for the culture. To see album title and art cover see next page.



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